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Jacktigerz is the recording alias of Nicola Ferrari, a producer and DJ who brings dreamy and powerful melodies into dubstep and trap festivals.

After debuting with his album, Voices from Heaven, in 2019, he released some singles in 2020.
With beautiful sentimental melodies, Jacktigerz is experience throught music.

Creating his own music since the age of ten, the Swiss based producer is coming forward with a new perspective on music.
Originally from Italy and currently living in Switzerland, he began producing electronic music in 2015.
He performed and released music as Jacktigerz since two years now.

Bringing melodic sounds and technical training into his work, he is able to creates beautiful textures in what people know as EDM.

His music is what he hopes it to be, a captivating and dreamy experience.

This is nothing you want to miss.